My final veddict on the technic mod pack for Minecraft; its boring.

So heres the problem, I built a large quarry, set it up mining... so fars its been 2 or 3 days since I did this, I'vve sat around for hours letting it run in the background while I did other things. Its not even halfway done mining. Not only that, but I'm just about breaking even with turning things into diamonds, every so often I've had to convert a few of them into coal to keep the steam engines going (not really to go to the last tier).

So to occipy myself I've plants lots of suage cane to fed the converted thingy and I've devastated the trees around the quarry to top of the ECM rating. Yet... Still... I'm running out of things to do. I'm waiting for the quarry to finish because I want to build over that area and put my main base of operations on top of that huge hole I've made in the ground. Further more until the quaary works itself down another 10 levels, I won't break the profit margain for the operations, because the further you go down in minecraft the more profitable the resources are. But soon I'll have to start starting work on a second quarry... >_<

I'm not even thinking about gather up oil until the first is finished, there is a reason that hole will end up my HQ in the end.

As for the workshed I'm current in... Weeeeell, its cold today. At least in the house the heater was instant heat, the heater in here is a slow release one. You plug it in for two hours and it releass heat for several hours longer then that. It takes it two horus to wamr the air up because of it. :-/

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