Shinkansen Fan added the extra to the wikipedia Vocaloid page, the technical stuff I can't add myself when I first edited there trying to improve the page. I was wondering if anyone was ever going to add that stuff and I've been watching since I found the sandbox page for it to be impliemented. Still the page now feels much more complete. :-3

I can only add references for the cultural things and stuff like that because thats all I know how to do for wikipedia. My area of expertise is newspaper articles and interviews and even then I need a translator for the Japanese side.

VY2 also got a mentioning in for the last few days, the mysterious "male voice" is delayed for quality. Better this excuse then any other. Its still going to have the same purpose as VY1 though. Still can't wait to hear "it" in action.

Edit: Lyrics are complete for my song, the tune is written, its now on clean up. At the moment the whole song is a little flat... I don't quite know what I'm doing yet with breathiness but I understand that it needs to be edited and so things like that need to be seen to.

Edit: Oh and tomorrow now I've remembered it I'm going to do some more work on the fanmades. Oh and this is the last edit, promise. After 8 days of taking sleeping pills to help me sleep thanks to the left overs of illness over X-mas, I'm starting to feel them even when I'm awake. I've now got a twitching lid for starters, and my memory has gotten worst.

The problem is the pill "simulates" sleep, it doesn't actually cause it, by forcing your eyelids shut and your mind to sink into low voltage. The consquences is when I'm awake I have been asleep, but I'm not aware I've slept at all, its like you don't actually fall asleep at all. And don't get me started about waking up!

I've been in "la-la land" most of the day... I can't even really what happened in the interciew I had this morning. I only remember the VY2 stuff because it happened last night. -_-'

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