After 30 mins or so wasted at the camp site and then 20 mins at home, I finally turned on youtube and watched someone else put away a pop-up tent. Its so simple to do once you 'get' it its ridiculous, but boy did it give us grief. There were 3 of us with the same tent design and not one of us understood their instructions. They were all basically the same, its just some parts of the tent are not visible in the instructions regardless of which of the 3 versions we had, parts which visibly would have made us see where we were going wrong.

We've got a event this evening to celebrate a 'silver' award on our first goal, next year we've got to at least match our mark this year. Already ideas for next years flower show are coming out fo the group.

Most of my annoyance towards the wikias arguments are gone so the garden show did me good, I came back yesterday and put up the proposal for september while I had a fresh mind and before I read things that occurred in the last few days. ^_^

Edit: Been on here a lot today trying a few unsaved experiments and stuff... I had a dummy wikia but it was finally closed which has left me a bit stuck for editing. At the moment I'm not doing anything worth using a sandbox for even, I'm just playing with text...

I'm ultra tired this evening, my week suddenly caught up with me this afternoon. My left arm aches.

Spent most of the afternoon though at my local arts centre engaging in social interaction at a exhibits grand opening. This one will run for a few weeks... been told to come back every Tuesday and keep going back until the next project comes up I can be active in.

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