The Vocaloid fandom doesn't discuss much in the way of Vocaloid capablities, as with updating Al last night I had to do when I found out about his lack of a rolling 'r'. Such information you think would be more known... Right now it seems unless you ask the members of VO forums, you won't get the information as it isn't really written or documented down. -_-'

Also. I mentioned last week I might disappear for a while, thats due to personnel problems. Its getting close to the point where I have to consider if I'm going through with it or not. I'm polishing things up, looking at my options and trying to find a lawyer that can tell me information I hope will resolve my situation.

I apologise ahead of all this...

Edit: Argh! My bad spelling/gramma is making the updates I'm doing to pages oh so much harder. Its not as if I'm not using a spell checker, the spell checker isn't picking up everything I'm doing. Currently its only a poor quality one I'm using as of late anyway, but dam its annoying. Its either more annoying then VO forums search engine, or the search engines more annoying, honestly I can't tell.

edit: Also the same friend who asked me to throw Tonio's VSQ file into Al has asked me to do some nursey rhymes for their neice.I'm using Vocaloid for Nursery rhymes??? Hehee. Trouble is I've forgotten just about every one and I have to go to the library and get a book out on it, or hope its on the web somewhere. Its humilating searching the kiddies section for that kind of thing... But I am doing it as a favor. I might as well make the most of it, and knowing my luck, I won't find what I'm looking for. ^_^'

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