So, for a laugh I infected a Flabébé wth Pokerus and went on an adventure to trade this diseased pokemon last night. For 1 hour I traded with other a dozen people, but no one wanted the little guy and the most common thing I got was "shinies please". Look, I have a number of shinies myself, and I don't "get" what the fuss is over them. Once you hit a certain number, they stop being rare. But pokerus though easy to spread, is hard to find.

But it proved to be a interesting thing to do. I have pokerus out pure luck, I came across a pokemon I happen to caught with it infected. Its a helpful illness that strengthens your pokemon, so some poeple seek out pokemon infected with it.

But mostly, I did this to see how long it would take to trade a insignificant pokemon. XD

Incidently, if any of the 3 folks here on the wikia on my friends list wants a infected pokemon, I'll gladly catch a pokemon, infect it and trade it. Even if you don't use it, stuff it in the boxes and this will preserve the little thing until you need or want to use it. Having it is good for reference. :-)

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