I'm glad I bought this USB powered desk fan because this is all thats saving my graphics card from heating up...

Basically its 4 years old and came from a bad batch of cards PC world had. It was buggy then and is giving up now. Basically the fan on it doesn't move, until recently I could flick it and get it started, but now it stops even at that. Naturally, my computer case has been open for the last few years as a result of having to flick-start my card. So the point of the case helping with heat related problems has been defeated by CONSTANTLY having the case off because the card has a issue with it.

Also, not having a graphics card working means I can't play games which require 3D graphics, so minecraft has now been out of the question for 4 months and even oldies like morrowind are out. I have yet to buy Skyrhim since my card even when the game was released initially was already heating up for similar games as it was and I'd have my monitor screen go black. It was out of the question completely. >_<

I'd buy a new one and update the motherboard but my brother promised me a computer next time he came to visit... *le sigh* at least I can still wiki-edit, so long as the fan points at the card normal images load fine without heating up the computer.

But my patience is now gone with the thing and its now knackered beyond repair.  :-/

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