So I've been on DA for about 10 years and in this time, I note how hard it is to break into DA itself and get views/favorites. I'm not someone who likes to get a lot of attention for their work, but I do get discouraged when I get so few views.

But what gets to me is not that I'm not getting views, but work I did 8 or so years ago is still getting favouries when nothing I do now gets it. I do better work now then I used to do back then, so all this gives me really mixed feelings. Like... what is it about this piece;

When this piece is "better";

So I thought it must be something to do with the fanart status of the first piece... =_=

So I started doing fanart again;

I feel though... This is back pedaling to stuff I stopped doing about 6 years ago. I feel bad about it as I wanted to go professional and the fanart feels like I'm not doing that. On top of that, I'm not sure how this looks in my current style of art I use. :-/


Good grief... To prove a point about that Raiden picture... It just got a request for it to join works for a groups gallery. Okay I give up. O_o

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