So I decided to give up visit forum boards for good. Nothing to do with my clash of opinions with guys on VO forums today, its something over time I've come to just accept.

Basically, I tend to get too frustrated because, while I correct and edit posts here, I don't get the chance on forums. Someone always steps in an posts before I can adjustments to a post, due to my dyslexic leaving a post often not what I want it to sound like or say. It makes me more frustrated and I tend to get annoy more easily.

Its kinda why I'm getting peeved off right now on VO forums, which I visited today. Between trying to get a message across and explain myself, along with everyones lack of patience (because its a common trait of those who use forums), I don't see myself getting along any better in the future.

In other news... Well... Remember the issues we had with Xey over listing Merli as a CV vocal... Apparently... Maika's English is something else Xey cannot accept.

To me this is the draw back of Maika, sher has extra phonetic data, thefore, people automatically will believe hand over heart she is better at English then every other Vocaloid. Even those that have it or other phonetic extra datas like SeeU.

This is the trouble when companys sneak in these extra datas, it really makes people believe something is better then it is.

As I said in the post as I left VO today, whats the point in doing English in the first place if another language can do something better... But a vocal not built for English is not built to handle the language.

Also... I get the impression people sometimes think I favor English Vocaloids by Zero-G and PowerFX more then those not produced by them, but I'm pretty much holding Macne nana up high biasly right now. And as I said I'm just for more English vocals. I didn't say what I wanted on English Bruno but its summed up the same way I react to EVERY English vocal that gets declared and made, even when SeeU English; HELL YEAH! :-D

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