From, I decided to look up something on the site and came across some summaries for stories that I found quite amusing all in one place. Remember - these are REAL summaries:

  1. Couldnt think of a better title but because of it I dont need to put a summary. R&R!
  2. Hi, (hides behind a huge roch) please read and accept my humble apologies, hehehe. - gulp-
  3. not very good at summerys. Will add one later
  4. Being revised. Have you any idea's how many flaws this thing currently has?
  5. r & r. something i made when i was sugar high
  6. My first attempt at a movie related Story and I hope it is well. Please don't flame me and reading and reviewing would be much appreciated. I'm not well with making summaries, so I'm sorry. I hope you do enjoy this story.
  7. The title explains what it's about and this is part one.
  8. Omg! After a year, I have finally posted it. I'm sorry for taking so long. Well, here's the long awaited for part 6, please R & R ^-^!
  9. Okay, the title is kinda stupid, but it sounded cool. I'm a first time writer, so be considerate.
  10. The title says it all for me . Please R&R .
  11. I added the finale, That's right folks, it's all over. You are going to be so shocked!
  12. Updated with a short chapter. I've still got writers' block on how to proceed, tho...
  13. Well I don't know how to explain this . Just R&R .
  14. Real romantic stuff. ^_^ And well I'm a HR so I can't help it! :P Don't read if you don't like romance, ok??
  15. A really stupid fic I came up with while watching SCARY MOVIE. Don't read this unless your REALLY bored!
  16. I don't want to write one .
  17. The title has nothing to do with the fic. It's two songfics in one!
  18. This is my second attempt to upload this fic. What's it about? You'll just have to read and find out
  19. This is for all of you guys out there.
  20. Well this is my very first fic. I don't know how it turned out. The one below was just a test to see how I can submit a fanfiction, but really review me so I can write another story. Please don't flame me. I wrote this at 4 a.m. If you like it then I (note from me: "then I... What? Where is the rest of the summery dammit?)
  21. Read this! It's good!

I mean nothing against any of those story summaries I've listed.

But I thought it would be interesting to write a blog about strange, lazy and just plain lol ways of introducing a fanfiction (which most of the time is awful anyway).

Edit: Might do this again with another section if anyone is interested...

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