The thing about Miku is she has not only a high pitch but she doesn't sound natural enough, theres no roughness to her voice its straight up and "no holds bar". Gumi is a lower pitch then Miku and has a nice rough soft tone of voice. Thus, Gumi is one of only 2 high pitched Vocaloids I can withstand, the other being Yuki. I priased the Appends for expanding Miku, now at least I'm enjoying Miku songs - but only with the Appends in place.

And now Gumi is about to get the same treatment. I praise the Lord... Even though I'm not a religious person. Darn it! This has got me excited. I twirl around and around (well not literally). Suddenly, Luka getting the Append treatment doesn't matter (I only paid attention to see if she was improved on the english side of things) as much to me.

Okay my only issue with Luka is that Crypton has issues about sticking to the things they know, rarely moving away. In fact their whole Vocaloid 2 assortment is pretty much too familair from one voice to the next. I'm not saying they don't have a good range covered, I'm saying once they found what works, Crypton hasn't ventured away from it. The other studios have been a bit more daring then they have. I've always said though, if you leave gaps in your selection, someone will fill it before you and Crypton has entire universes between their gaps.

Back onto Gumi though, as I get excited I begin to wonder how this will extend itself. Trouble is, theres also a chance that the new Extend might give us throw away results, from a good Vocaloid can you really get that much better? Time will tell.

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