All day editing = headache.

I' think I've used up my landlady's 8 hours since I'm been on the computer since 8:30 am and... its 4:30pm... My next all day editing session is Friday.

Meanwhile I had a mishap at the weekend and I why I set things back a day. My landlady was ill on Saturday. She overdosed on one of her medication because she got her deceased husbands reports and one hit her hard. Basically there was a hint that when she was in hospital for months on end in the mid-00s, he *may* have cheated on her and never knew about it until then.

She tends to be emotionally easily upset and does stupid things when she gets like that. And doesn't tell me until 2 days later what she did. ¬_¬'

On the lighter note, YOHIO's vocaloid is out tomorrow. Rejoice! :-D

Too bad I'm spend the day at the local arts centre in town. ^_^'

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