That caterpilla cost me £4 for sparing its life, plus I'm on my fifth day of itchy rash suffering. Worst because I've had a sore throat the last two days, I've now got to take myself to the doctors because I've got some "heading in the bad reaction directions" . >_<'

I should had stepped on the caterpilla... If I knew which specific caterpilla it was I'd SO step on it, but I passed the bush and counted 30 at least. I'm not going to be evil and step on them all to get that one as it might not even be there so they've moved around.

Good news is, the itching is going and I've picked up some green; my neck is bright pink right now.

So between shopping and gardening and stuff to do with the itch I've lost time to crack down on things.... TYPICAL.


I am pleased with PowerFX, earlier today I sent a message via their contacts to stop messing the fans around for no reason and just put the correct PowerFX Big Al image that we all love and know up.

Either way someone seems to have realised that the wrong ones up; Big Al's back to normal at last!

FINALLY! they got it right.  :-D

Edit: Also now they've stopped messing around I can get onto buying Ann... Or Luka. Either way I'm getting one next month and no Appends for Luka have shown, so that means its most likely going to be Ann right now. :-3

Problem is I'm going to have to re-install Tonio to make Ann work.

Edit: Okay I've GOT to comment on this from the Miku Expo website:

In the past, creating songs with English lyrics had always been somewhat awkward,

My reply; erm... no... We always had English vocaloids. In fact, Luka's english skills are suppose to be worst then a Engloid. And honestly I hate the way these kind of events treat Crypton like they own the ONLY Vocaloids. ^_-

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