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How far am I with my song?

Well lots of notes and lots of pre-writing stuff, its prob. going to be a slow song. Since I won't own Ann until the 20th I can't plan everything. I can't play with the parameters I begin however writing the lyrics tomorrow down on page, I've finished the last minute tweaks on the song itself, I had swearing in the original but since I might put it on NND I removed them.

This is my first "big" effort into a song so I'm planning waaaay ahead, but I'm also doing a lot of last minute rushing since I forgot Ann's birthday was coming up. And... I'm only a amatuer and still "new" at this, I lack experience. But you know I'e written songs I've never printed on youtube, I can't keep reframing from posting anything forever.

Theres the big reveal in the next few days as well thats big and exciting it seems.

Most suspect its Vocaloid 3, backed up by Sonika referring to it.

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