Not committing myself to wiki editing today, unless there is anything new that needs to be added.

Hurricane warning is hitting the UK, I have birds I breed outside I might have to rush in if the weather looks like its going to turn for the worst. I'm waiting to see what happens, one of my families breed late august and due to a warm autumn managed to raise the chicks to a near-leave-nest situation. One left the box just this morning.

If I have to catch all my birds and move them inside, they have wings and it may take a few hours to catch the lot. I also have to seperate that 1 family so the chicks and parents are together. If it came a week later things would be better for the family. =_=

Edit: As I write this, the hurrican is picking up, it started at roughly 7:30am with very heavy downpours, its now 8 minutes to 8:00.

I pulled all my birds in at 4:00 yesturday, as I decided in the end that I'd rather risk loosing £100 repairing it, then loose £300 replacing all the birds in it as well. Plus I'd loose my chicks in the process if anything happened to the parents.

Apparently where I am in Norfolk, we're just clipping part of the side of it, but elsewhere further west the ports are closed and houses are flooded. I was just talking to the other tentant in my landlady's house and warning him to be careful on his drive to work, as he is going out just as it starts... Stay clear of roads with trees alining them, and if the wind starts getting out of hand; stop the car. Better he is late for work then to never turn up.

Its not like we have this kind of weather that often... In fact in living memory I only recall the 80s one... And I was a kid then so a hurricane was kinda of not something I was fully aware of what the thing was. I've been through a blizzard though (that was fun actually, came back with a few inches of snow on my head laughing on how cold it was and how I could hardly see a foot in front of me).

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