I first created my hotmail account in the early 00's and for over a decade its been my main e-mail account. Buit for the last year years a great annoyance has occured. It keeps telling my acount has been conpremised; when all I do is log onto another computer. I've put my computer through countless cycles of clean up to see if anything is on it to compremise my e-mail account at all.

It all start 2 years ago when someone sent out a e-mail which my e-mail was attached to, they never access my account but they had used my e-=mail for the doing. Ever since this, I've seen compremised alerts over just about everything. I'm in this stuck moment where to access my hotmail account to get my paypal account sorted. Its a forgotten password situation, I buy 1 or 2 items a year off of e-bay and the seller sent me the item before I paid. Now I've got to pay regardless of whether or not I wanted to.

So its this sort of fustrating situation thats been created... Yahoo thinks my account doesn't exist because I didn't log on for a number of months... Which doesn't help either.

So I literally am stuck out of my e-mail account and left with trying to sort out ho the hell I'm going to get this sorted without being able to get onto e-bay or get hotmail open.  :-/

And this time all I did was sign on with a different IP to my usual one.... Yeah...

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