The guy hasn't given up and I'm getting back good vibes from him. From talking with him, there are some good ideas and he reports that things are going quite fast now. I think this man, judging from his ideas, will bring something else to english Vocaloids, to add to the mix... Pity because if this man takes off, theres going to be some INTERESTING stuff from his side of engloids. I wish I could say more, but beyond hints, I will fall into silence now for his sakes, so this will be the last blog post mentioning it. I wish him the best of luck.

Meanwhile; I re-read Miriam's software page and realised, the contrast between what was said about Vocaloid THEN is quite noteworthy when you compare it with what they say NOW. People treat Vocaloid as though it was invented yesturday sometimes, and the newspapers reporting on Miku in the latter half of last year don't bother to note this is old technology. I also noticed that Zero-G was updating its Vocaloid pages and a review on Lola had been added recently. I reapeat; a review on LOLA. OMG, its incrediable how after 6 years of colleting dust the technology is now getting some sort of attention. Things are starting to slowly warming up on the engloids side.

I'm also coming across more engloid songs relgaurly on youtube, be it not that often but often enough. most are cover songs sadly but there are treasures like ana's turning up. Its trying to form a sort of link between them thats providing the hard part. The Vocaloid wikia can get any video 400 views a week, and I believe the comparisons is up to 1,000+ views from here. But its not enough effort to get the focus ont he lesser parts of Vocaloid.

Meanwhile... Someone created a "whats Piko's item" thread on VO forums, with the usual replies to it. The general concensus these days is "whatever" on them even in the western fandom. I must admit, I'm starting to think the Item War page may need some rethought.

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