Day 3 of my heat rash... Its now spreading, it flares up whenever I got into contact with anything hotter then normal. I do get them, but never this bad. Actually, I hardly did any work the last few days on purpose because I was itchy, but now, its obiVous not giving me peace so I've given up. I'm not kidding I have rash spots all over my neck, some on my arms, back and legs. I only went to the supermarket on Monday to buy myself a birthday cake because otherwise I'd never have had one. My father and bro still owe me money for that too. T_T'

I tried looking up the Vocaloid works on, Big Al has 10 stories! Pretty much all except on or two are just creepy... O.o

When I get back from bussiness in town this afternoon, I've got to work on the translations page.

My mother is trying to encourage me to leave my father and come live up with her. I'm tempted but not sure if the timings right now. My father's also gonna kick up a stink when I declare I'm leaving and do EVERYTHING in his power to give no reason to adore him when I leave.

I think I just found my Tonio/Sonika song for their birthday. Nya! (Nya? I haven't said that in 6 years???) Its suppose to be original, I hadn't worked on it due to the fact I was busy and had not lyrics. Something I wrote today on the wikia inspired some.

Edit: Also I'm finding more information STILL on Crypton and English Vocaloids... I want information on the other Vocalodi because theres not much to say right now. >_<'

Edit: This picture validates Sweet Ann's Taiwanese art:

Edit: Worth extra credit:

Edit: Worth extra WTFLOLs

Edit: Worth extra points for the perverted nature:

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