Its the 8th again and time for another wikia discussion.

I'll make this one a bit more organised.

No the forum still isn't working, (we need an editor who knows how it works). T_T

Boys and Girls?

Okay this might not be so long I'm hoping.

There has been a plague since Kaito only sold 500 units on the male Vocaloids, that they were branded "not so demanded". The consquences was then, and is to degrees, male Vocaloids DON'T sell so well. Out of the current males, Ryuto and Len can be removed for having female vocals not males and that leaves us 5 Japanese and 3 English males. Including the missing two only buffs the numbers up to 7 for Japanese males. Out of the 24 Vocaloids released we have, thats 1/3 of the voicebanks in total.

Does it matter what the gender is?

Well its somewhat exxpected since most of the Producers were originally male and the most popular vocal is Miku so the girls have a advantage. And in the end, does it even matter. Technically, VY1 and VY2, though have vocal genders, were designed to male anything you want to be. So does Gender matter in the end? I suppose it does and it doesn't. The trouble is in thoery you need just one vocal to get a lot out of a Vocaloid software, but then theres some problems. Male vocals fall into a different frequency, and normally have a different timbre, to female vocals and as the person ages so does the notiable differences between the vocal differences. After puberty, everything parts in different directions, whereas male and female vocals have little difference whenn we are children.

The trouble with a lot of the vocaloids is well, trying to get a vocal thats VERY male like Big Al's to sound female requires work and the same applies for female vocals. You need not only a lot of editing sometimes but a lot of practice. 5 seconds through vocal manipulating or tuning software sometimes isn't enough. Not only that, but, there are differences between software voicebanks.

So what is the decission about?

Thats it, Vocaloid genders, anything related to them. Fors example, does everyone feel like any progress has been made, despite the number of males we've seen in the last year? Are you happy with the numbers? Things like this.

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