Okay about an hour ago I got the call I'd feared in a year. My nan *might* not live to see the weekend out let alone the next week. Since it hit tonight the red alert bells have hit my end and my half bro was left behind in the house alone to look after himself for a while. Thus someone has to go look after him for a few days. Guess who was left with that.  :-/

So I *might* not be around for the next few days, if not the week.

So if you guys please, I'm always here even if I'm not editing, its just in recent months everyone has been abel to do a lot more core editing then I have so you prob. won't notice me gone anyway. :-/


Woke up this morning to *some* good news, my nan is "okay", but I still have to go to my half-bros to look after him and I'm worried as hell about her. I might take Paul out this weekend somewhere so we can burn off the feelings. Going to be getting ready in the next hour to take the long walk over there, so I'm polishing up a few things on the wikia, left O Herman a note about it and I'll be off to do things.

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