My cat foudn a way behind the wardrobe in my room, so we couldn't get him out... Had a serious loss of sleep. The company who made it said this morning "just pull the bed out thats part of the wardrobe". Apparently, its not even fixed in place. Cats safe, but we have a total of 3 families panicking on how to get him out of this space at the back of the wardrbe/bed unit. The poor guy is being really skittish today.

Found a person on Vocaloidism to amuse myself over Oliver, so I responded to see how far the guy was prepare to go. I string 'em along, then leave them to think they've won, most buckle before I can finish, but I like to leave them proud they've "won" when in reality all I've done is made them reveal how deep their biased opinions are, to the point of being blinded. Result was a Tl:DR train of text I know, but I think I've done enough to make him stand out enough. Of course, I'm one of those thats just happy people know Engloids exist, of course I know they will never be as popular as Japans Vocaloids, I'm not dumb and have been with this fandom to know how the fandumb works. Plus his "ace up his sleeve" is Sonika...? And he insists popularity = quality, well, VY1 and VY2 would be more popular then Miku and most other Japanese Vocaloids. Heck most other Japanese are better then Miku in a nutshell! Good grief and his last comment "The Spanish university wrote it, Japan perfected" just says it all since even now its a very international project, nothing is done souly in Japan even now. 8D

And now I'm going to spend another 6 months bored until the NEXT bias person comes along... Oh well, I'll do more Vocaloid until then, I'm not expecting the next crop of bias until Miku English anyway, its just Oliver's attention meant this guy came along. Trolls post to get a reaction... I've been around long enough to know how to troll more then 1 ways, I admit I learnt a lot from a friend at Dragoncave and this is the first real trolling I've done in years. Lol.

Actually, the whole issue with the Vocaloid fandom is that its actually dangerous to post opinions with. When you consider there are producers around who make Vocaloid songs, you realise the system error that can build when someone decided to mock someone WITH Vocaloid. You post opinions and comments at your own risk. I'm not the type to take things that far, but its not been unknown to happen in Japan. When you consider Neru is born from a troll and all. :-/

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