So I will just be doing community stuff this next week or two.

Last Thursday I pulled a muscle in my neck, one connected my shoulder, which means every time I move my arm it hurts a little. The doctor told me to rest it when I saw her yesterday, so I today I decided since I have met with issues at wikipedia that caused me to abandoned any further editing there, and its a low time here... I'll relax a bit and just stick to commenting.

Not much I can do about it. I moved a cabinet by myself last Thursday, which is how I pulled it. I then moved about 60 boxes over the weekend when I shouldn't have. So I didn't do much good for it. I think I'll push things too far if I'm not careful. The annoying thing is I have a lump just out of hand reach so I'm having to apply cream with help from my landlady. :-/


Ah, walking around town today, my shoulder isn't so bad as it was last week, took 4 hours to hurt at all.

A lot of the issue with it is I pulled it because I don't sit with my back at 90 degrees, so the muscles in my neck are the wrong length. So when I lifted the cabinet, thats how I pulled it. Its like women who wear high heels make their muscles in their feet/legs the wrong lengths. In stead of the back leg muscle being long, they shorten them. This means when you do things like running, the muscles are too short and thats how a lot of women who run pull their leg muscles.

This is basically all my own fault, I thought I'd explain this to make you guys laugh at my own stupidity. ^_^'

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