So I asked what the net bill was for the last month.



We have broadband net service, however, we only pay for so much download per month and we get charged extra for going over. Well last bill was for was the month (because you don't get the bill for the last month, you get it for the previous month, so this was for July) that Nikki, our previous lodger, left. And this months bill? £40 (august), which was normal for us (of which I'm moslty to blame I think.

So after having all that arguments over the £80 bill (June) the previous month before he left and explaining that his CONSTANT downloads were reasponsible for the £80 bill and then seeing the £160 bill for the month he left (in other words he was really cranking up the bill those last few weeks) I sort of want to slap hi for making my landlady short of month last month. Doesn't help she didn't tell me about want he had done.

Well his gone now and theres little that can be done. After the event at the weekend I think my landlady is just relieevd this week is quiet. Though we've got £100 on us we don't know want to do with since it has to be returned to that guy who caused the problem at the weekend. And he ain't coming back... Yet we can't keep it because we're in debt to him if we do.

So we've got to arrange with someone to hand back the £100 to him out on a motorway somewhere private so we can just get rid of it and not be holding onto it. Ain't it marlevous, one month your begging for money and the next you've got money you want to get rid of quick.

I'm getting back to adding more dates to the date cetgory this afternoon, I can only do this a small batch at a time since it gives me a headache. :-/

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