I feel bad... I had a nice relaxing weekend while Vocaloid fandom went "huh" on PowerFX's explination for the "redesign" of their two Vocaloids. I managed to get on my mother's laptop saturday, but I HATE laptops with-the-passion-of-a-thousand-suns and could only leave Bunai a message.

Apparently, I left the door open of my birds and two of them made a bid for freedom; they were found flying around the room. Both are safe (the wallpaper tells me they were out for several hours, why do budgies like wallpaper???). Meanwhile "birdie" (who I passed to my mother) became "Berty" this morning (Berty the budgie). A play on words... I was able to predict that since that how "Katey" the cat got her name from "Kitty".

And apparently my bro and dad didn't kill each other over my absence. O.o

I'm not editing much today since I have to catch up on this weekends news. Oh and PowerFX should REALLY learn how to not upset their fans... Now I think about it, its kind of funny because at the same time, they now have proof their designs work.

Edit: Been home less then hour and the journey that has taken a lot out of me (I traveled halfway across England pretty much) is already catching up. Carrying a handbag, a suitcase and a bird carry cage = too much. I won't be trying that again in a while. -_-'

I definately don't think I'll be able to edit until at least late this evening.

Edit: Ah screw my arms, I have too much work to do! Lol.

Edit: Think the work is caught up. This week I'll write the SC page and try a slide scroller... Right now tired, looks like today finally caught me up.

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