Back in November I said that Miku english is months away and thats when recording started. Now, Miku's alpha is in review, and mention of beta. Months will soon be "just a matter of weeks" it seems. Some while ago I predicted a aumtum release for Vocaloid 3, but with Miku english now approaching slowly confirmation of final, its clear Miku won't get Vocaloid 3 release.

While many are watching and waiting, it almost seems like Miku english won't be intended for an english audience to use despite all due. All blog entries are detailed in Japanese and little in going on that facebook account. Still a lot of english speakers will buy it, and so far nothing has come out to confirm HOW she sounds. I'm wary of this... In their efforts to release Miku we may see another Luka, a sub-voicebank for english which will be over rated and praised as "the best" english capable Vocaloid. Luka has a very soft voice, underdeveloped language skills compared to other english Vocaloids and a lack of distinguishable phonetic sounds. I don't own Luka though, but I have heard as of today some videos which sound pretty much confirm a lot of things about Luka I hoped were not true from the sounds of what I heard.

Sweent Ann and Luka are out of my reach and i said I'd only buy Luka if I heard Appends. In english. I'm puit off as time goes by after my experience with Sonika, not willing to buy Luka for the expensive sub-par voice. Yet others tell me she is one of the easier to use?

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