Well... Today I'm awake but really drowsey, so that knocks going out today on the head. Luckily I don't need to go to the library as I found a website with nursey rhymes for the piano quite easily on the web. The good thing about these is their simple songs and you can get them sorted within a few hours. The bad thing is, their not really imaginative. I don't particularly like cover songs as it is as theres not enough freedom. Oh well.

I've got other things to do this afternoon I'll have to do tomorrow morning. Tomorrow begins my search for a new bedsted to sleep in, lol. Actually this is why I'll be disappearing, I'll basically loose my net access when it happens. I have no idea how things will go, I won't find a stable house for a while.

Meanwhile I have no idea why I have a lack of energy, it has been around since last Wednesday, so I'm putting it down to the events of that day.

I was looking at Vocaloidism this morning, no surprises the only engloids left in their tournement are the ones where they were pitched against other engloids. And everyone just expects Miku to win it anyway. People play favourites with Vocaloid.

  1. Miku Vs Iroha; Of the current matches, I expect Miku to beat Iroha, but am open to say there may be enough fans for Iroha to win coming through, but there are more right now for Miku.
  2. Meiko Vs Lola; basically, Lola's out this round.
  3. Gumi Vs Piko; I don't know how the Piko fans are but I know theres a lot of Gumi fans, so Gumi will properly win.
  4. VY1 Vs Kaito; Kaito, its not VY1 isn't good its that Kaito's got a lot of western fans and not everyone is interested in VY1.
  5. Luka Vs miki; miki has a number of fans, but I put the win on Luka because she has a more stable fan following.
  6. Teacher Vs Gackpoid; Gakupo.
  7. Rin Vs Lily; properly Lily to loose.
  8. Len Vs Ann; I don't need to say Len will win.

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