Two new packs, "Extra Pack" and something else... Result? Lots of new genex cards. Between the standard Genex cards, R-Genex and "Genex Ally" cards its pretty much certain you can make a half decent Genex deck. ^_-

Got more dragunity cards, I used to them in combination with Harpy Lady cards to buff out a wind deck... Couple more Ice barrier cards I didn't need. The 6 samurai grandmaster card I did... Jurrac cards, half decent deck can be made, but not necessary a winning deck... And naturina cards... I'm tired of these guys. More Fabled cards "not bad" the general fluff cards came out at least for them. Gladiator Beasts... Haven't looked at those guys yet. Quite a number of water element cards...

There is 3 guys left to beat in end-game story mode, two security guards and Crow... Crow I'm stuck on because he brings out 3 guys almost every time straight away, I only beat him in tag because Yusei, who he was partnered with gave me and Jack a break to beat Crow down with. But crow, on his own; hardest guy to beat. Oh, and two guys with turbo deals left to beat I think too.

Only 1 more page of World Championship enemies to beat in the WCS.

Then comes prob. the hardest part of this game, the 4 side stories remaining. One I beat literally by accident, I clicked on it and got into the duel and next thing I knew I beat the 4 guys. But the last ones? One is all the signers at their best, one is the dark signers, there is another I think might be a tag and I think there is a 4th side quest in the ending area. :-/

On the one hand, my decks pretty good and much of my decks are now buffed out quite well. There are 3,000 cards to choose from, about 200 or so taken out for turbo dueling. The WC packs produced only older cards so most of the normal cards crawled out of them. So most of the useful ones came out of the other packs.  :-/

Other then this? I've got some Kagamine Append stuff to sort out this evening, though it might end up being tomorrow. Been baking stuff (yum). Scones... Chocolate cookies... Shortbread... Most came out fine, but I've got to adjust that cookie reciepe because its coming out too moist to make into a dough, needs less milk. :-/

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