I've been moody all week.

Basically I noted several days ago we're in the "myths, rumors and speculation" stage of v4 release. There are mistakes being made, but there are so many loose strands of information around that its become frustrating to deal with. I actually dealt with things better with V3 which surprised me.

So things like Alys and Jewel are getting to me and I might take a break for a few days next week to chill out and unload.

I also have things to deal with in real life stressing me out. I have the start of a job coming up and after a long period of unemployment, I've very anxious this week as I handed in information regarding it. I also had to deal with my landlady, who I care for, going through a sensitive date regarding te death of her husband (on Friday he would have been retiring on his 65th birthday, but he died 4 years ago). Her mood swings have kept me on the edge.

So I'll take a break for a few days and be back when I've cool down and the stress is gone on my shoulders. Not like I'll be missed or I make any important contributions to the wikia these days.

And after that last post where this week finally got to me, I think there will be more cheers then anything.

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