Up until a month ago, I was free all day to do things.

I'm a month on from starting two volunteer projects, one to do with a community garden and the other is just a charity shop. My landlady also started restricted my time to about 4 hours per day computer time.

Long story short, I'm having difficulty finding the time to do things, after this current project I'm working on, I cannot be certain to be able to put full time into any major projects. I apologize to everyone, I've helped (and not helped at all at times) the wikia since mid-2010, and I did bring wikipedia's wiki page out of darker times, but that was then. My lifestyles changed, I'm busier.

I'm still going to be around, but honestly? When I was made bueacrat in 2010, I saidin 2013 or so I'd be redundant. We're slowly getting to that stage now, we've done it quicker then the One Piece wikia managed to pull it off.

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