This year marks the 2nd anniversary of the death of my landlady's husband, who died of a blood clot. It took her until about 6 months agoto mentally recover from it. Today has made her happy.

David, her husband, went ot eh doctors a few days before X-mas, with problems hinting at a blood clot. A simple blood test would have saved him from deaths door, however, the doctor on cover that day refuse to look at him. Its a long story, the company her husband worked for lentmoney to him for building his client, he was due to marry the company owners daughter so was glad to help his future son-in-law. The moment the building was complete, he divorced the daughter and ran off with the nurse working for him and refused to repay his loan. He also refused to see anyone from the company, leding to why he refused to see her husband. Boxing day he died because of the blood clot he neglected to test for.

Other doctors my landlady saw since all said exactly the same thing, that given the symtoms they would have run a test and not let him home until satisfied.

Today she recieved a letter that owed to his actions against David, the doctor is now going to pay for his neglect. On top of this, the guy is up for 5 assault changes against women and several other things. The medical practioners group (forget the name) are the ones suing him for his failure. In other words, my landlady is happy because the doctor is now going to have to explain to a judge and jury all about his refusal to treat David, and reveal in the process his refusal to treat anyone in that company. Even if the guy walks away, the humilation from unveiling the scandal behind the building of his wn surgrey is going to come out and be revealed to the patients and community it serves.

This won't bring her husband back, but it does let his soul rest in peace. On December 29th its offical 1 year and 6 months since I left home, a year since my own grandmother died as well (I miss her). I'm currently 'hired' to be a career to my landlady too. Things are starting to look up despite last year being a year of maddness... Next year I plan to go back to college to take a few courses and get a refresher on a few things I've learnt over the years. I'm proberly going to invent a "stage name" as such for myself to go by and continue on from there, last thing I want is from my father to try and take credit for glory that doesn't belong to him, he used to take a lot of my own achievements as his own, its complex to explain and a VERY long story...

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