More or spurred on by Bunai's recent blog. Heres my thoughts on the matter.

Firstly... I know there is more then double the amount of females then there are male Vocaloids. This is no surprise. But the issue isn't so much of a problem of there just being toomany females; but only that one type of female vocals have over crowded the market. You'll see at the end.

Stage 1 - Lets list the VocaloidsEdit

We have a long list of female and male Vocaloids;

Lucky the wikia has this template.

Stage 2 - removing the non-problematic vocalsEdit

Believe it or not, the ratio, being as bad as it is, is not all black and white.  :-/

despite ther ebeing many females, not all of them are as bad or adding to the total problem.

New langaugeseEdit

Firstly, Spanish, French, Chinese and Korean Vocaloids have more females, but they have only 2 or 3 vocals in total. These guys do not matter due to the lack of vocals to begin with. Every vocal matters to that language, until there is more, what that vocal is is not important. Why complain about there being more female Chinese Vocaloids when there is only two to begin with?

I'll leave the Engloid in this time around because they are at this point more then well established despite being behind the Japanese ones.

So the list of Vocaloids without them is;


  1. Akikoloid-chan
  2. anon
  3. Anri Rune
  4. Aoki Lapis
  6. CUL
  7. flower
  8. galaco
  9. GUMI
  10. Hatsune Miku
  11. IA
  12. Kaai Yuki
  13. Kagamine Rin
  14. kanon
  15. kokone
  16. Lily
  17. LOLA
  18. Macne Nana
  19. MAYU
  20. Megurine Luka
  21. MEIKO
  22. Merli
  23. Mew
  24. MIRIAM
  25. Nekomura Iroha
  26. Prima
  27. Ring Suzune
  28. SF-A2 miki
  29. SONiKA
  30. Sweet ANN
  31. Tohoku Zunko
  32. Tone Rion
  33. VY1
  34. Yuzuki Yukari
  35. Kobayashi Matcha
  36. Masaoka Azuki


  1. BIG AL
  2. Camui Gackpo
  3. Hibiki Lui
  4. Hiyama Kiyoteru
  5. Kagamine Len
  6. KAITO
  7. LEON
  9. Ryuto
  10. Tonio
  11. Ueki-loid
  12. Utatane Piko
  13. VY2
  14. YOHIOloid
  15. YUU
  16. KYO
  17. WIL


The next Vocaloids I don't consider a problem are the bilinguals... It takes money to make them, result in less profit and are meant to be something special, able to transend into two markets.


  1. Akikoloid-chan
  2. anon
  3. Anri Rune
  4. Aoki Lapis
  6. CUL
  7. flower
  8. galaco
  9. IA
  10. Kaai Yuki
  11. Kagamine Rin
  12. kanon
  13. kokone
  14. Lily
  15. LOLA
  16. MAYU
  17. Merli
  18. Mew
  19. MIRIAM
  20. Nekomura Iroha
  21. Prima
  22. Ring Suzune
  23. SF-A2 miki
  24. SONiKA
  25. Sweet ANN
  26. Tohoku Zunko
  27. Tone Rion
  28. VY1
  29. Yuzuki Yukari
  30. Kobayashi Matcha
  31. Masaoka Azuki


  1. BIG AL
  2. Camui Gackpo
  3. Hibiki Lui
  4. Hiyama Kiyoteru
  5. Kagamine Len
  6. LEON
  8. Ryuto
  9. Tonio
  10. Ueki-loid
  11. Utatane Piko
  12. VY2
  13. YUU
  14. KYO
  15. WIL

Retired/private VocaloidsEdit

Private Vocaloids don't contribute hardly anything and retired vocaloids can't be bought anymore, so are not offered in the current selection;


  1. anon
  2. Aoki Lapis
  4. CUL
  5. flower
  6. galaco
  7. IA
  8. Kaai Yuki
  9. Kagamine Rin
  10. kanon
  11. kokone
  12. Lily
  13. MAYU
  14. Merli
  15. Mew
  16. Nekomura Iroha
  17. Prima
  18. SF-A2 miki
  19. SONiKA
  20. Sweet ANN
  21. Tohoku Zunko
  22. Tone Rion
  23. VY1
  24. Yuzuki Yukari


  1. BIG AL
  2. Camui Gackpo
  3. Hiyama Kiyoteru
  4. Kagamine Len
  6. Ryuto
  7. Tonio
  8. Ueki-loid
  9. Utatane Piko
  10. VY2
  11. YUU
  12. KYO
  13. WIL

We're now at 24 females, 13 males.


I'm going to now remove the Engloids, because though there are more females, there isn't that many more females then males and their more balanced. once you remove the V1's there is 4 females (Avanna, Prima, Sweet Ann and Sonika) and 2 males (Big Al, Oliver) left. Though there are many English vocals, the reality is thre aren't that many built as native english vocals, which makes there less then 10 vocaloids built only for english we can currently buy. Now the Engloids become more on par with the Spanish, Korean, Chinese and french Vocaloids, being not enough of them exist to really complain that they are a problem. :-/


  1. anon
  2. Aoki Lapis
  3. CUL
  4. flower
  5. galaco
  6. IA
  7. Kaai Yuki
  8. Kagamine Rin
  9. kanon
  10. kokone
  11. Lily
  12. MAYU
  13. Merli
  14. Mew
  15. Nekomura Iroha
  16. SF-A2 miki
  17. Tohoku Zunko
  18. Tone Rion
  19. VY1
  20. Yuzuki Yukari


  1. Camui Gackpo
  2. Hiyama Kiyoteru
  3. Kagamine Len
  4. Ryuto
  5. Ueki-loid
  6. Utatane Piko
  7. VY2
  8. YUU
  9. KYO
  10. WIL

Multiple bank packsEdit

The next thing is, like Biliniguals are something special as the makers are sacrificing profit for bonus things.


  1. Aoki Lapis
  2. CUL
  3. flower
  4. IA
  5. Kaai Yuki
  6. kokone
  7. MAYU
  8. Merli
  9. Mew
  10. Nekomura Iroha
  11. SF-A2 miki
  12. Tohoku Zunko
  13. Tone Rion
  14. VY1
  15. Yuzuki Yukari


  1. Hiyama Kiyoteru
  2. Ryuto
  3. Utatane Piko

3 males, 15 females.

Extra releasesEdit

Finally, the extras that exist outside of Vocaloid, that give Vocaloids interesting twists... Be it speach or apps where they sing or speak (I will not include Lapis as there is no public release of her 'talkloid' version)


  1. CUL
  2. flower
  3. IA
  4. Kaai Yuki
  5. kokone
  6. MAYU
  7. Mew
  8. Nekomura Iroha
  9. SF-A2 miki
  10. Tone Rion


  1. Hiyama Kiyoteru
  2. Utatane Piko

So in total, we have 2 male vocaloids, 10 females.


The problem is not how many females there are, but how many vanilla Japanese vocals we have that are female compares to vanilla males, which is 8 more, you are x5 more likely to have a vanilla Japanese female then male in other words. In short, the thing we have a short supply of isn't males at all, but more specifically the vanilla male packages. But these are the packages that are risky to invest in, make and release so studios are not doing them.  :-

I could go on about this more, but this is for me the root of the problem. Back in the V2 era, vanilla vocals were the standard, this actually made every Vocaloid more equal in value. Aside from a few notable vocals, even some of the lesser popular vocaloids stood out more because there wasn't much of a different between each of them.

If I was to include all Japanese vocaloids in the list, this makes the group still be left in a bad situation because aside from Ia, none of these have really hit the mark... All of them have "fair" amount of popularity at the most.

Even if one wants to argue about all the non-vanilla Vocaloid packages, still, most of them have been fairly more popular then the vanilla groups, with only a few exceptions once again making them a minor example of their group.

If I was to include the Vanilla vocals of other languages, this would still give the impression of the reluctance of investing in Vanilla males. But for some like English vocaloids, this isn't so bad.