lasted four hours, I have been out for 8 hours I think in total, I arrived hom at 4pm at least that I'm aware of. I sort of fell asleep in the car trip home. The zoo was Whipsnade Zoo, pretty good except I was with a father who was on one of those mobility scooters. Which, by the way, ran out of omph in its battery 3 pens from the end so we cut out and went home a little early. Oh and I had to push him to the car park because of it hence why I was tired and fell asleep on the way home.

Nice zoo, the edge of it overlooks the valley hills beyond it giving a nice view. I saw Rockhopper Penguins! Unfortantely their male was in molt (aw... I wanted to come home with a Big Al related joke... T_T) I got a picture of the female though. She decided to climb the rock by herself in her pen so I got a really good photo of her. :-3

Not the best zoo I've been too overall though, one of the relaxing ones. You can drive around it or walk, eithers allowed by they charge extra on cars entering hence why most don't bother. You still have to get out and take photos, but it is a semi-safari park so there are a few pens cut off for car access only. You have to board the bus otherwise going around the zoo, but alas my father's battery running out killed that idea. And the train... I'm so annoyed at that because that took you round parts of the pens you can't get to otherwise.

I was expecting to be exhausted, but aside from an aching back and the need for a shower from pushing that blasted thing I'm alright... Back to work I guess.

I think I'll go back later this year, thanks to my dad I missed the parrots being flown around the bird display arena... And the sealion show. Its not a big thing, but when you have a SLR camera, you sometimes feel compelled to see what photos you can get so its an almost suicial desire to go to lengths to get "the best" photograph of the day. Especially as my dad and I compete just to get the best photo.

Edit: My knees just gave up for the day an hour ago and my father is asking me to make dinner... I'm sort of stuck at my computer desk right now because of the kness ceasing up. Basically dinner isn't happening and "no-cooking-skills" brother of mine isn't moving to make himself something so... yeah... I'm stuck entertaining myself on my computer for the rest of the evening. -_-'

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