Going 2 days without sleep. Its not that I was trying to do it, but I just couldn't get tired. I finally got some sleep last night; now I can't stay awake. Must be catching up with lost sleep. I think yesturday I was running around in a daze almost.

Worst bit; though I got not a wink of sleep the night before I spent half the night on my arm and yesturday my right arm which I write with and had slept on was playing up. Last night I rolled over onto it, halfway through the night I turned back over and was awoken shocking quickly when I felt a horrible feeling as something hit my face. Turns out it was my arm; now gone completely numb from sleeping on it for the second night in a row. 10 seconds later pins and needles hit me as the feeling was restored to it, then I fell almost instantly back to sleep. When you think about it, its actually amusing because the reaction I had when my own hand smacked my face was like the kind of reaction you get from a dead person falling onto on you.

My arm is aching this morning, good grief, well at least I got a story to tell out of it!

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