They've now made is difficult to blog on the old mono-whatsit layout. So I had to switch layouts to the new one to get to this blog entry. I bare my teeth when I say "I hate the new wikia layout" - I'll switch back to monopage or whatever its called when I'm done. I question the stupidity that led to the wikia staff removing the old layout we had, everyone adored it and this new forced look is being pushed onto us all.

Well been busy, I'm not happy that like previous demos before, Piko's has sparked the usual "How you do use this Japanese Vocaloid...?" moments from the western fandom AGAIN. Already the first few are surfacing in forums.

I've got a few albums to track down that belong to vocaloid producers it seems, Muzehack's addition I noticed today reminded me when I was looking around for Mee and Uu stuff I found notices of them. Its becoming hard to track albums recently, don't know why its not like their not hidden from view, its just their becoming so normal now it seems their passes along too quickly.

Also, Piko's trial version has been todays hot news and we have a glimpse into the "eyes that look dead as dead can be" of Piko's voicebank. Theres been some mixed feelings about it already, while its nice theres a male voice with femine qualities now, its that fact the fandom was basically given the trial version to make demos for themselves instead of Sony supplying them. :-/

Edit: BTW, I'll be throwing out some random VSQ files starting next month on this blog, linked via one of the file sharing sites like Megaupload. Not sure what, but they'll be free to use though come without background music, fans will have to create them as they please and once their out, I pretty much will consider them not my work. Heck, I doubt I can produce anything worthwhile downloading anyway, thus you pretty much can be used as folks please, though a little credit back if you do use them wouldn't hurt I'd properly not be checking anyway.

And they'll be uploaded by the 30 days free thing, which means you have to grab them as they come up.

I'll be very suprised if someone actually uses them though.

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