I accidently created my introduction for the Sweet Ann song a few minutes ago by randomly slapping together some notes in a seperate experiment with NOTHING to do with my Sweet Ann song. I applied it to the Sweet Ann birthday song with pleasing results. :-3

Not bad, I'm making progress. There is one thing thats held me back for a while though; filters, I've yet to master them and I'll have only a few days to master them when I get Ann. For those who don't know, when you mess about with filters on FL studio without knowing what you're doing they kick you where it hurts. They'll effect the ENTIRE song, and even if you delete the layer they remain. So unless you know what your doing, and I'm going to have to figure that hurdle out when I come to it, you can effectively ruin an entire song with them.

I need to add a specific filter to Ann's vocals for this and I'm not even sure how its going to work, since I'm using Sonika still. I haven't put the vocals in FL studio yet though, I'm a little afriad to do that, I've got to effectively back up the entire song before I do it so theres a copy I have not touched. Needless to say its a bother, when done right filters add a little bit of impact to a song. *sigh*.

Edit: So today the introduction is sorted and the baseline.

I'm going for something sci-fi-ness sound so its come out rather strange. I am slightly annoyed at FL studio for having all these demo plug-ins, when I started todays activities, I accidently used one for something and struggled to find a replacement afterwards. Also, I'm trying to sort out the mixer settings. I'll confess in the final product, Ann's just going to be basically going "lalala", but for this song this will work out just find, Ann's deeper more mature vocals will work perfectly for what I'm using her for. As I said, I'm not reall pushing my usage of Ann because I won't be used to her in time for her birthday at least so this is LITERALLY a test for me, something simple to occupy my time getting used to her.

In fact I confess, I like making backgroundish music anyway *sign* I've never been great with lyric based songs. *sigh*. There will be "words" as such. If you can call the odd gibberish words. O.O

I think I'm mostly influenced by that "war of the worlds" CD I bought recently in this one.

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