I did have a look at fixing it today, but its something that I don't understand, I'll have to try and understand it though to fix it. Its not like its important, this wikia has so far failed to establish the needed community to build itself up.

Prima's lyrics are written for my song, Tonio's is coming along, for a boring little song, the lyrics sure are taking time to assemble even though reality is there might not overall end up being much singing. Vocaloid 2 can feel really distached from the actual music process sometimes, just because you have to keep switching programs. Although I was able to do some updating to Prima, Tonio, Sonika and Big-Al's pages today from playing witrh the software.

Also, its increasingly becoming apparent we're seeing the last of Vocaloid 2 and that Vocaloid 3 is almost with us. Its sad to see V2 go... I myself have just two english voicebanks left to get hold of, Ann and Luka, so its not much bother. I'm happy with what I got at the moment, it will be a long time before I can do much Vocaloid 3 updating when it comes.


Also, the interview with Doofus-P cost a member at Vocaloidism too much stress it seems. These things happen I guess. Also, I get the idea that Vocaloidism sees VO forums as a real elitist forum, yet honestly... I don't tend to see it as that. They view this wikia as really popular I note too. I once edited to state that wikias don't tend to work as they seem to think theirs does. Don't know if I ever got a reply, I was just seemingly disappointed in their abandoning of their own wikia. Still with the left member, that means the Vocaloid fandom has lost another translator.  :-/

Last year the Vocaloid fandom was beginning to build, but te trouble is that the number of good songs is going down and the number of newbie songs is going up. Now I'm not saying newbie songs are bad, but their inexperienced (and I'm about to join them it seems). The fandom itself is also growing in more directions, so things are splitting up into its "norm" pretty well. Yet despite all this, no single producer has really stood out thus far amongst the westerners as being as good as the best of the Japanese community.

Doofus's videos were commented by someone I spoke to be as "poor quality" and Doofus is the best we've got. Our friend with the Lourdes incident was really good with cover songs, but sadly has fallen under the watchful eye for his use of Pocaloid once his actions were pointed out. VocaloidMaster is about as good as they get... But... He produces cover songs.

Thus the fandom is still waiting for someone to break the fence down and free the captive wild bores.

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