Well someone made a great topic at VO forums I feel like talking about. Because well, Vocaloids can be anything you want them to be can't they? Everyone has their opinions, but its not something set in stone.

This is what I wrote;

  1. Leon: confident + ambitious
  2. Lola: bold and out going
  3. Miriam: shy and meek
  4. Meiko: very friendly and open
  5. Kaito: friendly and a bit silly
  6. Sweet Ann: a sweet heart
  7. Miku: friendly, ambitious, bit "pride before a fall"
  8. Rin: friendly, quiet, but bold
  9. Len: friendly, keen, but shy
  10. Prima: snooty and very authourity-like, perfectionist
  11. Gakupo: noble and a womanizers (its the PVs.. I get Sanji from One Piece stuck in my head when I think of him...)
  12. Luka: very quiet. Not pushy, but strong willed.
  13. Gumi: extremely cheery and happy-go-lucky
  14. Sonika: keen to please, very clumsey and always making mistakes,
  15. Miki: happy, but naive, very friendly
  16. Yuki: very friendly, but not very knowledgeable (still young)
  17. Kiyoteru: thoughtful, knowledgeable
  18. Big Al: Big friendly giant.
  19. Tonio: gentleman-like, very keen on cleansiness, but very subjective
  20. Lily: Very bold, loud and utgoing
  21. Mizki: her personnelity changes all the time
  22. Gachapoid: very happy-go-luck, friendly, happy
  23. Iroha: friendly and warm.
  24. Piko: quiet, "dead"

The more you say about a personnelity the more it makes it harder to break out of that loop once its set in stone. But since the Vocaloids can be anything, everyone has their own opinions and yet some things are common within our thoughts. For instance, we all shame a common thought that Miriam is "shy" or "quiet", its because her voice is really soft. What does that say for the fans; boy do we stereotype. For some with pictures we can put 2 + 2 together with it becomes a bit more complex. But even then, for example, most view Big Al as "gentle giant", I guess its because of his size and his voice. Miku general ends up "Charistmatic" and Gumi "happy" to even things out here and give examples on our thoughts of the Japanese Vocaloids.

But you know what, its FUN to read what people have come to view the Vocaloids particularly when they give out a very different approach to a Vocaloid that you have come to know them as. It somewhat makes you rethink the Vocaloid a little especially when they point out something you didn't acknoledge about them first.

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