Laziness is one thing, but of all the things I can see all the things wrong in the fandom, pitching isn't high up on the list of "Oh noes that so bad!". If you ignore pitchloids, their owners often loose faith and reason for them to exist and they disappear eventually, their owners are only doing them to get attention anyway. Its the same as picture edits back in the early 2000s, when the MSN websties existed. People made TONS of "new" characters just by recolouring existing artwork. In fact that still goes on as it happens, but a lot of it has died.

Most of it comes from the early to mid teens... As I pointed out at VO, after about 18 fangirls become more mature and actually start frowning down at their young fellow fangirls, seperating them from their behavour. Its sort of a rites of passage when you can say "You know what, I'm not like that!" it seems. I'm sure boys do it too, but alas, the only forum with a lot of boys on just says "well what about her boobs then?" and gets really boring to read. Boys for some reason on their forums tend to be a lot more quieter then giddy fangirls from the experience I do have. They worry about the cold facts while fangirls worry about the fussiness on the surface. The boys can be scarier at times, their more likely to bring up the subject of porn and more like to mention things girls think are too gros s or embarressing to talk about. ^_-

One thing does remain is, the few boys who admit their manly status and become lovable find a lot of worshippers for some reason in some fandoms especially if they work for the girls to do stuff.

And where am I going with this?

I was talking about pitchloids... Oh wells. :-P

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