The producer template will go up tomorrow, its on my mind right now. Hundreds of names... Its likely going to be split up. ¬_¬'

I've reached a dead end anyway on the fanmades it seems. I also note within the english speaking fandom people are beginning to enquire how one goes about getting premission on mascots and mentioning names and so forth of Vocaloids. Its the influx of Vocaloid purchases in the english fandom. One fan believes that if you mix Miku english in with the english Vocaloids, the fact Miku is there will attract attention enough and... Their properly going to be right.

I must admit, the only information we're lacking right now is the gap between making music and selling it. Most Vocaloid fans are amateurs but I'll be likely getting this information for them no doubt. X_X'

Oh wells... Its to be expected, not many of them are actually music students and "anything goes I suppose". :-/

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