More Soulsilver...

So just the dragon gym to do now + onto the league, delayed a few days due to stupid happiness evolution. Eevee finally evolved as I wanted it to. I wanted to work from a lvl. 6 Espeon, don't ask what I was doing. With the dragon gym to do its time to play that annoying flip game and get a Dragtini to raise up. I don't know, when I get halfway through a game I just become a lot more relaxed on a pokemon game and start filling up the time trying to sort out "the best" teams.

Also, I took to playing with the pokewalker, don't ask why it just felt like a cheap why of playing. Trouble is I ended up with more bellsprouts then I wanted... I don't really know what I'll do with those, but I'll store them until I have an answer. Lol, its a waste of time, but theres some point to it and for that reason I'm wearing around the house constantly. Even though its pretty much just another cyber pet-like thingy I never had one of those in the late 90s when they were popular. Thus this is sort of like a first for me and its not hard to see why they were popular. Though I'm glad its not a true cyber pet-like thing others I'd not be able to take it anywhere. Tamagotchi and that were banned from schools and cinemas.

And on Vocaloid.

The VO chorus changed their song from Luka Night Fever it seems, which is annoying because I was recording some of that... I can't do the new chice song, I tried. But I trip over Japanese words sometimes and that is one of them.

Been busy lately, even if I don't get the song finished, I can do a cover song at least. I don't want to do a cover song. Oh wells....

I've been occupied with Lourdes, I have to fix the forum still. The day I set aside to investigate that though, was consumed by the incident. I think as it is cooling down though, I can finally crack open the forum again tomorrow.  :-)

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