Been looking at the results of polls a lot recently as they form one part of the report I'm doing at the end of the year. The focus is on Miku. The results are proving overall what I suspected at this stage with Miku.

Talk about being busy, a family member dear to my heart is ill at the moment and I'm sick with worry since I only found out Friday night and yesturday was nervous all round generally. I was going to note the short message there yesturday here, but I opted out while I recollected my thoughts. Considering one side of my family never talks, the few relatives I have grown to love are very dear to me and loosing one of those is important to me. Heck, I've even hidden this relatives status from the other side of the family that doesn't talk to keep things quiet for them otherwise nosey parkers will poke their horn in on their business whnen they need peace and quiet.  :-/

Back to Vocaloid.

People still don't get the Vocaloid 3 topic at VO forums... Even with bright lights on it saying what it is. And why is it that they presume talking about the Japanese Vocaloids in the english Vocaloid zone will automatically get somewhere? Its not that they won't its just who will the producers believe; native Japanese or non-Japanese who barely know 6 words and can't string together more then 2 words at a time?

Point is made.

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