Okay s everyone knows I've never been impressed with the group behind Alys, but this isn't related to that at all.

Basically, I'm starting to get fed up with Alys simply because people are treating her like she is still going to be a vocaloid. I'm not saying the moment she went over to CeVIO everyone should ignore her, but now they should stop associating her with Vocaloid. Yet still, people are doing it.

Why is it that when you type in "vocaloid", that people are still tagging her as "vocaloid", this happened with Macne Nana due to the way her vocal was imported into UTAU and people thought only of her as UTAU... When anyone who knows the basic storyline knows that she was a UTAU second and a Vocaloid third, her original software was something else entirely.

I'm not sure if I would call it a show of ignorance of the person or not. With Alys I kinda see why it would be there, but it surprises me to see her still coming up especially with the sloppiness of the people behind her. But then again I remember the way the artist of the Frilled Dragons still gets support at Dragon Cave for her very unprofessional handling and start of a witch hunt... And I know that some people get away with a lot. Its the same for SBS and SeeU, there are fans who will play ignorance toward SeeU's company because they like SeeU... Or CFM for basically ignroing that Miku wasn't the first V2. At the same tiem fans who use Roro for VY2's avatar, "Kaito Shion", etc, etc.

Basically, Alys is just another addition to a growing list of things that thngs that sort of tend not to be let go by the fandom, much like Neru and Haku or Zatsune (with Zatsune, there REALLY is no reason to keep her alive at this point) and things like that.

There is also a risk that CeVIO will give people the wrong impressions as even though CeVIO is a great software in its own right, it doesn't need to be touched with the same issues breeding in Vocaloid and UTAU like this... Its really not fair that every single software that comes along just gets this crap.

When I asked one fan a month ago why they called Alys a Vocaloid, they said because she is still a "Vocal andropid", implying that any vocal synethiser is a Vocaloid, much in the way that we use "Ketchup" to mean any tomato sauce product at times... Even though "Ketchup" was originally a copyright brand. This is also bad because its anmother thing to add to the list like "Kaito Shion", wherein fans are falling into the trap of using words wrongly. Basically, almost like "kawaii desu" bad.

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