So on DA you often see people posting their top 10 Vocaloids.

Despite knowing the likes of Haku, Teto and others are not actually Vocaloids, people still include them. At this stage, you can pretty much fill a top 10 list several times over since we have 70+ Vocaloid and more then that in voicebanks.

I won't link to anyone, but a few days ago there was about 5 people posting lists of their favourite vocaloids, 3 of them included non-Vocaloids. This is a pet-peeve of mine, because the rules for it being a vocaloid are straight forward, it has a vocaloid made for Vocaloid ergo its a Vocaloid.

Teto is a UTAU, as concerned as I am for UTAU in my last blog entry, right now its still good enough to continue on for a few years to come, and even then people need to give it its own credit. Why lump it forever with a Vocaloid list? Also, why is it out of lots of UTAU the sme few only ever make it into the list again?

Neverless, I don't understand the need to shoe-horn in the non-vocaloid character into a list of Vocaloids anymore. A few years ago, it was excusable because lots of people were still learning, now its a joke when they include them knowing their not Vocaloids.

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