So... Last night I misplaced my foot in regards to a piece of furniture in our house and hooks my foot on it... And well twisted it.

Two things:

  1. That bloody hurt
  2. Today I'm nursing it.

I don't feel up for much, I did some stuff on my minecraft server and thats about it. Its kinda sore.

In other news. I may be getting a job soon... I just have to endure a work-trial next week (at some point) and prove I can work hard. I haven't said anything since I got told "you've passed the interview" last thursday as this is still kinda hitting home.  :-D

On the other hand I feel with last nights little mishap, fate is now going to try and stop me taking on the job.

My mother got a job early August and couldn't start (loosing the job in the end) because she fell out of her loft/attic and put herself on the injury list for 6 weeks. So I feel my family are right now cursed. Right before starting a job, fate seems to tr y and stop us starting the job. O_O

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