So the past few days the weather has dump snow around our house. You'd think with the notion we're pretty much stuck indoors since going out is not worth it unless there is something worth doing I'd have done more work around the wikia.


Instead every time I set aside time for editing I loose it because things are happening more around the house while the snow clear. Like chores. Reading up new recipes for cooking to try out and unblocking a bath (which later clears by itself while my Landlady was borrowing a plunger from a friend. ^_-). Silly, stupid little things... And not only that, since there is no commitment to do much else, everything I start ends up consuming the WHOLE DAY, since there is no reason to stop doing it at all. =_=

And by the time the day is up and I've released I lost the whole day, I've lost all willingness to do vocaloid wiki editing.

Tomorrow my computer has been ordered off to hoover the house, oh, and its now not going to be until Mon evening I get to do anything on the wikia seriously. =_=

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