He had 2 more videos up on NND then on Sonika's birthday. Very odd, considering she is a she and he is a he. Oh wells, I'm not complaining. His version of dancing Samurai, be it a little bit of a polite cheek and fun version, was the one with the most attention. But it was "Priomise her the moon" I felt was the overall best one of the event while Big Al teaching a child version of Leon about Womens bra sizes is a bit "WTF did I just watch exactly???" and it did amuse quite a few people. Aw... And they still haven't gotten over the Sweet Ann joke it seems. And what did the Vocaloid fans in the west do? Most of us forgot it was even his birthday! Man are we embarressing at times...

Still, Al's birthday is the last one of the year and the last release of the year is the Kagamine's and well... Time to start typing out that report. Theres not much left to say about Vocaloid this year and next year will properly begin the slow shift from V2 to V3 of the software. Two things cross my mind; who will be the last to come out for Vocaloid 2 and who will be the first for Vocaloid 3?

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