I grew attached to Tonio's voice as I played with him for the best part of the day and I'm write a song that pretty much is JUST for him. See this is why I never finish projects! I go and do something like buy another Vocaloid. As for what this song will be about, ah its a secret.I'm working on it solid as much as I can.

Trouble is I have too many ideas and not enough focus. :-/

Also I'm pulling out a cover song, I said I would if I had to since I promised something by the end of the month. I'll have to look through my music sheets that are sitting around and find some music to cover. not "civilisation (bingle, bangle, bungle)" though as all I have are the male parts. Plus I did that already. It was just the vocals and it was my first crack at V2. Thus, I know it could have been better.

Also, FL studio can make song writing difficult at times. Your given demos of all these symthesizers and you can't use most of them since their demos. What tools they do give you you have to make the most of. They used to have a version with samples in intsead of the thrills and gadgets, that was a pretty deal in my opinion.The synthesizers might have well not be included, they were to tempt you into buying them. :-/

Edit: Oh look! Wikia is letting me edit my blogs again. So I actually got half the song done today. I'm pleased, its a little boring, but its halfway done. For some reason this one is just ploughing through at a steady rate. I might have THIS song down by the end of the month! Maybe I'm inspired by the new guys? Who knows, but I have half the song done already! :-3

Edit: Oh that was quick... I'm adding voices already? I'm not sure if I need proper lyrics or not, I was planning to make this purely vocal and not focus on lyrics... Also there is suddenly room for both opera Vocaloids thus, both they will go in. Its really a boring song, it puts me to sleep listening to it. I wanted it gentle and uneasy to hear, instead I've got one step from putting "you to sleep". Oh wells, it is a first song for the pair and I'm not used to this kind of Vocaloid.

I half to really work with Tonio and Prima, their voices are powerful, I have to gently lower the voices until their quietly singing. Otherwise they won't fit in with the song. Oh, well, since I suspect it will fail anyway to really strike up much attention... Yeah. ^_^'

Edit: Also why did I make the working title "heavy heart?" as it doesn't suit the song, I'll have to come up with something laters.

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