I haven't been around much since the weekend, I fell ill again. It spiked yesturday afternoon and I had a heavy fever. I also have 48 in the run up without sleep due to the illness. I was completely whacked out yesturday so wasn't around much. So I went to the doctors... Stupid doc gave me a pill for sleeping troubles and nothing for my illness. Actually, this is common for her not to do that, if you go to her for more then two things she'll sort out the first and most urgent and ignore whatever you try to deal with. Also because I suffer from depression, she tends to blame everything on that and not on the fact I might had a virus.

I slept half the day away thanks to the sleeping pill (what the heck did they put in that???). And I in the process have slept off most of the illness anyway, the fever gone, but it was going anyway before I went to bed. So I'm over that, but... I've done my usual and given my dad the thing!!!

Anyway, resuming editing tomorrow, sorry for the absence.

I'm ill a lot during the winter months... T_T

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