Apart from Skyrhim (which is still out of my budget), I have no interest in any of the games in the summer sale....

Except the Megadrive/Gensis classics.

Been waitin' all year for these to go on sale, already own the sonic ones when they had a Sonic franchise sale a week or two ago. :-3

£13+ I now own some of the best (and worst) games on Sega's most iconic console.

I had completed half of these games though in the early 2000's via rom hacks and vowed to actually own these games some day. Piracy made me feel guilty by the 2005. It was hearing some of the excuses people had about why they pirated. Some people wanted to take all they could out of their fandom without putting 5things back into it... But every fandom needs its fans to put something back into it.  :-/

I saw the fall of too many highstreet shops and got pissed at things gtoing on-line... So made a vow to draw a line on things. To do what I can to put things back into the fandoms I get attached to. Though I don't overspend myself in the process. I do only what I can.

Plus, really, honestly, they don't make games that for what they are are good quality... so many AAA games turn out lackbuster. :-/

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