Been working on this wikia for a few months now, but I'm really struggling to find time to do this. It takes 3/4 hours to do a single episode and I have to sit there and watch both a Japanese sub (since my Japanese isn't THIS advance) and the crappy English dub.

Since the show is 15 years old, nobody is interested in this series and I'm editing alone. The result? A complete nightmare. I don't have even a spellchecker or anyone to help with the basics. And I've had to fork out to get both a poster and the manga of the series (of which I doubt I'll be able to translate and there is no scanalation).

There is things I've been able to confirm about the series, but cannot get hold of the source material since its either out of stock or rarely pops up ( I tried to win some sticker sets recently that was on yahoo auctions, but lost to a last minute bid someone made in the last 20 minutes of an auction, that had been renewing itself for some time due to lack of interest). And due to export costs to the UK from Japan, things aren't cheap either.

So yeah... I should be helping out here more... I should be helping out at the Shining Franchise... But I'm stuck trying to work with this wikia to make magic happen. >_<

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