My list of basics for being a "non-newb" fan;

  1. Who ALL the offical Vocaloids are and what languages they do.
  2. Mike Oldfield's bid in Vocaloid early on.
  3. Who was used in Paprika.
  4. Its "Len and Rin" not "Ren and Lin", same for "Ruka" when it should be "Luka".
  5. who is Black Rock Shooter, Haku, Teto and Neru.
  6. You must know more then 12 original Vocaloid songs by familarity... (and NOT from the same Vocaloid)
  7. Their not twins... Their two voices packaged together thats all.
  8. The difference between good english and good tuning.
  9. Knowing that its not a leek she is holding... (will instantly put you above the media who can't get it right for love nor money)
  10. Most importantly; that theres more to Vocaloid besides Miku and the other Cryptonloids (lately I've included Gumi and Gakupo due to their growing popularity).

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